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Who is eligible?

Only Reno County Kansas residents that have had their employment status directly affected by COVID-19 are eligible to apply for assistance from the Reno County VOAD Unmet Needs Fund. Eligibility will also be determined by the following factors:

  • Reduction of wages due to job status change
  • Number of individuals in the household and
  • Other household income available.
How is Reno County VOAD Unmet Needs assistance distributed?

After you complete your application, a member of the Salvation Army or United Way of Reno County team will review your application. 

If you have been determined to be eligible for this assistance, you will be contacted. Please ensure your contact information in this form is accurate. 

Links to other resources

Kansas Department of Labor Unemployment filing information:

Reno County community resource pocket guide

Application Form

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  • Your Information

  • Household Information

  • Name of Person Relationship to you Is this person currently employed? If employed, gross monthly income?  
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    Maximum number of people reached.

  • Please upload a copy of a cut-off notice from your utility company and/or a notice from your landlord.
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  • Employment Information

  • Please upload a copy of your most recent pay stub.