Rally Reno Nonprofit Response Grant Recipients:

American Red Cross – $5,000: Funds will be used to purchase safety equipment and cleaning supplies, investing in technology for servicing clients virtually and safely during disasters, such as home fires, and to help support blood drives.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Reno County—$2,000: Contribute to the cost of regular operations, which includes staff support for matches and continued virtual enrollment of Littles and Bigs.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson – $5,000: Support the purchase of two shade structures and two adjustable basketball goals to expand outdoor play area to help club members maintain advised social distancing during summer programming.

Child Care Links – $7,500: Funds will be used to pay rent, utilities and other operational costs as necessary to sustain the organization through the pandemic, allowing for the continued support and monitoring of county child care providers.

Children’s Emergency Shelter Home — $2,300: Funds will be used to continue to pay staff to be on call during this difficult and unpredictable time.

Circles of Hope Reno County – $2,000: Circles staff will use funds to assist Circle Leaders – program participants – with payments for cellphone and internet service providers to ensure the ability of those families to stay in communication with their Allies and program staff during this challenging time.

Emanuel Lutheran Church—$750: Cover the costs of purchasing bags from Aldi to use for commodities distribution during the COVID-19 crisis when businesses that normally donate boxes for this purpose have been closed and are not receiving as many boxes to share.

EtCetera Shop & Ten Thousand Villages — $2,000: This grant will be used toward adaptations necessary to allow EtCetera Shop to continue accepting donations and making sales during the COVID-19 crisis. Possible expenditures include media manager wages and/or purchase of a laptop and/or donation bin.

First Call for Help—$2,500: Operational funding to replenish supplies and reopen programs that serve qualifying residents of Reno County.

Food Bank of Reno County Inc.—$5,000: Purchase additional freezer, increasing the food bank’s capacity to receive frozen food rather than turning it away, especially during a time of increased need for food.

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland – $2,000: Funds will be used for costs of implementing programming, such as “Camp At Home” and “Camp in a Box,” which allow for continuation of Girl Scout leadership development in Reno County during times of social distancing limitations. Funds may also be used as financial aid for member registration and to cover costs of badges and patches for girls in need of financial aid.

Hadley Day Care Center – $5,000: Grant will assist with Hadley’s operational expenses until the center is functioning at full capacity again as families return to work.

Hutchinson Art Association Inc.—$1,500: Cover the costs of an instructor, art supplies and equipment for video recording of virtual art camp sessions, adapting to social distancing practices, and to cover the costs of advertising the camp that will be held this summer.

Hutchinson Community Foundation – $7,500: Funds will cover the cost of printing and mailing a postcard to 31,045 households in Reno County sharing concise information about how to find resources for immediate needs and how to help during the pandemic.

JAM Program-Plainview Mennonite Church – $2,500: Funds will allow the group to continue providing food to families in rural Reno County whose children (50-60 total) participate in the program, helping meet an immediate need during a time when the full congregation is not gathering and able to make regular food donations.

Live Free Ministries Inc. (Buhler Omega House) – $2,400: Funds will cover rent payments of two clients whose income was lost due to the COVID-19 crisis so the Buhler Omega House can continue to serve those clients in their recovery.

Milestone Clubhouse-Hutchinson—$1,000: Purchase computers so that more clients can access job-search information.

New Beginnings Inc.—$10,000: Help with payroll, expanded payroll, backup funds for clients unable to pay program fees or rent, and equipment for the social-enterprise jobs program.

Our Redeemer Lutheran-Early Learning Center – $5,000: Funds will be used to help supplement a single payroll period for 20 staff members of the Early Learning Center during a period when enrollment is lower due to COVID-19, making it possible to retain high quality, trained staff in preparation of higher need of services as community members return to work.

Prairie Independent Living Resource Center (PILR) – $2,500: Allow for purchase of personal hygiene items and nonperishable food items to distribute to clients who are in need.

Prairie Star Health Center – $2,000: Assist patients who will qualify for level 1 of the sliding scale payment option due to loss of income during the COVID-19 pandemic but may still not be able to afford even reduced payments at this challenging time.

Park Place Christian Church-Bread & Cup Ministry — $3,000: Funds will be used to feed individuals who have been impacted by the coronavirus and others normally served by this ministry. Cleaning supplies and paper products for carryout meals necessary during this time will also be purchased.

Reins of Hope Therapeutic Riding Program—$2,400: Provide financial support so the organization can serve 80 clients with private lessons following social distancing rules while keeping costs minimal.

St. Vincent de Paul — $5,000: All grant funds will be used to assist community members in need as they struggle to afford enough food and to pay rent and utilities after the current grace period expires.

The Salvation Army of Hutchinson—$2,500: Help pay for staff salaries and utilities, offsetting lost income caused by the Thrift Store’s closure during stay-at-home orders.

The Salvation Army of Hutchinson—$2,000: Additional funds toward The Salvation Army’s partially funded initial request will help with staff salaries and utilities during a time of lost revenue, allowing the organization to continue serving community members with immediate needs.

TECH, Inc. – $3,500: Funds will allow for purchase of tablets, web cams and other pieces of technology that will allow staff to engage more clients with activities, such as art classes, games and connecting with friends during times of social distancing.

TFI Family Services – $1,500: Grant will assist with purchase of equipment, such as weighted blankets, calming portable tents, fidget manipulatives and other materials, used to make up Calming Kits distributed to foster children in Reno County during times of increased anxiety.

United Way of Reno County – $3,150: Funds will be used to purchase no-touch thermometers for nonprofit organizations that need this equipment to monitor staff and clients but could not have anticipated COVID-19 and the need for this high-cost equipment when budgeting for 2020.

USD 310 Fairfield – $5,000: USD 310 will establish a fund for immediate needs of families of the Fairfield school district. Assistance may include food, rent, and medical assistance. These families live in the most rural parts of Reno County and services within Hutchinson are difficult to access.

Wesley Towers—$6,500: Purchase additional equipment for staff and to help meet the increased costs of administration/record keeping during the crisis.